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The PCFV holds its 11th Global Partners Meeting

The PCFV held its 11th Global Partners Meeting in London on 6 & 7 June 2016. The meeting was hosted by IPIECA, a founding PCFV partner and donor, at their London offices. The GPM presents partners with an opportunity to discuss global and regional progress towards achieving the two main PCFV targets - namely the lead phase-out in petrol and fuel desulfurization campaigns.

Sustainable Transport Africa made a presentation at the meeting on Trade in Second Hand Vehicles.


The Africa Sustainable Transport Forum exhibited various aspects of The Evolution of Urban Transport in Africa at the United Nations Environment Assembly held at UNEP's Headquarters in Nairobi on the 23rd to 27th June 2014.

Comments were invited from delegates attending the UNEA to share their views on transport in Africa in general and write them the the "matatu" brought on display by Sustainable Transport Africa. The delapidated minibus was chosen for display as it symbolized the most common form of public transport found across the continent with different localized names in each African country.

A model display board featuring an ideal Bus Rapid Transit system with free lanes dedicated to high capacity buses alongside congested traffic with segregated walkways and bicycle lanes was displayed by Sustainable Transport Africa, illustrating how all transport modes must be catered for in a sustainable way, discouraging the use of private motorized vehicles.

Exclusive artworks and photos were displayed by Sustainable Transport Africa at the UNEA showcasing how transport from the early century had become more and more congested, focusing on the need to revert back to free space and decongested atmosphere that was enjoyed in the past, through encouraging sustainable transport.

Sustainable Transport Africa was contracted to organize the exhibition at the UNEA by the Africa Sustainable Transport Forum (ASTF), an extended video of all the interviews with the delegates is available here: